Posted on Feb 18, 2020

Decorum Deco Attire

With Summer Deco 2020 just around the corner, Linda is also thinking forward to Winter Deco Weekend 2020. Linda is looking at holding two Craft Workshops, a hands on time featuring gauntlet gloves, and decoratively faggotted dress trims.
Those who attended the talks in the shop last winter Art Deco Weekend will remember Linda is particullary taken with decoratively faggotted stitches.
Linda is also very fond of the Art Deco era gauntlet gloves. As with all the good stuff, these are becoming increasingly hard to find.
So come and make your own.
Seminars will run on Saturday and Sunday. We will aim for mid afternoon or during a gap in programmed events.
Places will be limited by available space. Cost $30pp.
Watch his space for more photos of delicious and inspiriational gloves!
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